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Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
WinTuning: Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8 - Disable Auto Updates Service
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News archive of WinTuning

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27.05.13 - WinTuning 8 v1.2 has been released. Added support of WinTuning 8 Filal Releases, digital signature, new tweaks and designs, check for updates for your programs, its automatic downloading, a lot of fixes etc. - all it is in new version of WinTuning 8.

05.07.12 - WinTuning 8 v1.01 has been released. On our website in version history you can see the list of changes.

01.10.11 - WinTuning 8 (developed on the engine of WinTuning 7) has been released today. With WinTuning 8 you can tweak and optimize OS Microsoft Windows 8.

Windows 8 release is scheduled for mid next year, but you can test the system now by downloading an ISO-image from the Internet.

Many features are not available in the program yet due to the final version of the OS may has slightly different functionality than the operating system, which was previously released.

You can download WinTuning 8 from the official website at "Download" section.

29.05.13 - WinTuning 7 v2.7 has been released! Added automatic check for updates and download it for all of your installed software, changed view of tweaks, added utilities shortcuts to the Start Menu, different fixes.

11.03.13 - WinTuning 7 v2.06 has been released! Added Tweaks Management System, fixed errors.

18.07.12 - Editors of FindMySoft soft catalog created a Quick Look Video showcasing WinTuning 7's menus and features and wrote a review highlighting important elements of the application.

WinTuning 7 Quick Look Video by FindMySoft.com

16.07.12 - WinTuning 7 v2.05.1 has been released! Fixed some errors which were found when testing the application.

05.07.12 - WinTuning 7 v2.05 has been released! Added "Registry Cleaner" utility, improved "Context Menu" Utility, other fixes and improvements.

16.05.12 - How to recover a deleted file?

27.03.12 - WinTuning 7 v2.04 released! Added "Disk Space Analyzer" utility, Windows 7 Utilities moved to the main window, added ability to search by name of utility included to the program, added ability to run utilities through a program icon in the Notification area (system tray), improved "Clipboard Monitor" Utility, added tweaks management system and other fixes and improvements.

06.12.11 - WinTuning 7 v2.03 released! Have you ever wanted to fix a seemingly incorrigible? Did you delete a file from the Recycle Bin, but after a while realized that this file is important for you? A Data Recovery utility is added to WinTuning 7 for recovering deleted files. It supports hard disks, flash drives, cameras, etc. with NTFS file system. Also added support of themes for the interface of the program. Themes are stored in the Themes folder in the root directory of the program (for example, C:\Program Files\WinTuning 7) and they can be edited by yourself. You can choose your theme from the program settings window. Fixed some bugs.

06.11.11 - WinTuning 7 v2.02 released! Help system added, interface of the main window and some utilities is changed.

31.08.11 - WinTuning 7 v2.01 released! Fixed the bug in the registration process of the program when using a 64-bit architecture operating system.

29.08.11 - WinTuning 7 v2.00 released!

In the new version, we paid attention to the navigation of features of the program: main menu was added to the main window and to all utilities; changed navigation of program utilities:
• Computer
    Auto Shutdown;
    Check disks;
    Internet Optimize;
• Loading
    Loading configuration;
    Autorun programs;
    OS selection screen;
• Software
    Software updates;
    Uninstall Manager;
    Windows 7 Utilities;
• Files
    Windows 7 Cleaner;
    Rename files;
• Windows 7 Elements
    Start Menu and taskbar;
    Context Menu;
• Information
    System information;
    Clipboard Monitor;
    Memory Monitor;

Fixed some errors.

All the old license keys for the new version do not work. However, obtaining a new valid license key for registered users of WinTuning 7 v1.xx absolutely free. To obtain the key, please contact WinTuning 7 support, entering the email address to which you have received the key when was purchasing. In two days you will get new license key.

If you do not have a license key, please, get it on the purchase page.

15.08.11 - Developing the concept of a social network GetProgInfo introduced a system of Wiki: each user can edit the software category, its website, license type, description, add social network (yes, many software developers already have their accounts in social networks, now you can read its news feed without leaving GetProgInfo), additional resources, links to download software distribution and screenshots. An example of how it might look like can be seen here: http://getproginfo.com/prog.php?id=1

Also the interface of GetProgInfo is updated. Now it has become more like the interface of MS Windows - the list of items (software), lighting up with the brand sky color when you hovering it.

Facebook group

28.07.11 - In the middle of August we plan to release second version of WinTuning 7. In this version the interface of the program is improved, navigation is optimized (added main menu, logical section partition etc.), Software Updater is improved. All users of WinTuning 7 v1.xx will get the second version absolutely for free (according to License agreement). Although support of 1st version will be till July 1st, 2012.

12.05.11 - WinTuning 7 v1.15 released! Software Updater Checker is improved. Errors fixed. Thanks to users Sergey Baygulov, Evgeniy Panov, Aleksandr Shipilov, Dan Walker.

09.05.11 - Thank you

06.03.11 - WinTuning 7 v1.14.1 released! Added support of English version of "Software Updates Checker" (see the GetProgInfo.com website). Some fixes.

01.02.11 - WinTuning 7 v1.13 released! Added Software Updater Checker (English version of the server will be released soon).

27.09.10 - WinTuning 7 v1.12 released! Added some new tweaks to the Internet Optimization section. Fixed the Uninstall Manager and Context Menu Editor utilities.

01.09.10 - WinTuning 7 v1.11 released! The Uninstall Manager Utility was added. See other changes in version history.

04.08.10 - All those who will buy the license version between 8/5/2010 and 8/18/2010 will get their license information on 19/4/2010. We apologize for this situation

10.07.10 - WinTuning 7 is the Editor's choice of DigitalOnline (№96) magazine. The program was chosen from the Top 5 most popular programs for Tweak and Optimize Windows 7.

01.06.10 - WinTuning 7 v1.10 released! The program interface was translated to the Brazilian-Portuguese and French languages. We wish to thank our users Paulo Schulz and Hovsep Avedissian. Added the ability to create objects (items) of the Windows 7 Control Panel at any place of your hard drive. Added some new tweaks. Some fixes.

01.04.10 - WinTuning 7 v1.09 released.

22.03.10 - WinTuning 7 v1.08 released! Added Disk Check utility (wishes of the WinTuning 7 users were considered). Added some new tweaks. Fixed some errors. Thanks to all our users who has sent us the error reports and help us to develop the Good product.

07.03.10 - We open for our users the statistics of the use of WinTuning 7 tweaks. Now any interested person at our web-site can see quantity of times of enabling a tweak in the program: Database of tweaks . Also it is possible to see the date of when tweaks were added to our database.

19.02.10 - WinTuning 7 v1.07 released! Added some new tweaks. Fixed some small errors.

25.01.10 - WinTuning 7 v1.06 released! Mainly we concentrated on the WinTuning 7 Clients Control Center module, it has been improved considerably. We've fixed some errors in WinTuning 7. The WT7 Client has been updated to version 1.01.

20.12.09 - WinTuning 7 v1.05 released! Added Startup Manager utility to manage and tweak autostart section of Windows 7. You can optimize your computer by deleting unnecessary items from autostart section or you can just turn off some of them. Fixed some errors. Some improvements.

16.11.09 - WinTuning 7 v1.04 released! Added module of detecting of Windows 7 Status. It shows recommendations about optimization of your Windows 7; improved System Info section; added some new tweaks; some improvements on interface. Files of WinTuning 7 Client version is detached from the main distributive of WinTuning 7. The download links you can find on our site in the "Download" section.

14.10.09 - WinTuning 7 v1.03 released! Added some new utilities to the "Windows 7 Utilities" section; also added the detailed description for all utilities from this section. Other improvements and fixes.

01.10.09 - WinTuning 7 v1.02 released! Extremely improved the core and interface of "WinTuning 7: Windows 7 Cleanup" (the Utilities section). Now you can clean browser cache of Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, clean the recent documents information, the Jump Lists, reports, log-files, Icon and Thumbnails cache; also you can delete recent User files and recent Windows 7 files, prefetcher-files, unnecessary shortcuts and Windows 7 update backups. The cleaning of junk-files will have a good affect for optimizing of Windows 7. Fixed some errors.

16.09.09 - WinTuning 7 v1.01 released! Added new module WinTuning 7 Clients Control Center (WT7 3C). WT7 3C is a new function, based on client-server technology, for tweak and optimize a lot of network computers by one click. You can launch WT7 3C by clicking on "Open WinTuning 7 Clients Control Center (WT7 3C)" link on bottom-left corner of a WinTuning 7 main window. WT7 3C is in beta testing now. If you will found any error, please report us about it. Also you can change appearance of the main window by choosing a theme from a Settings window.

18.08.09 - WinTuning 7 v1.00 (stable) released! Fixed tweaks that didn't work in Windows 7 x64, added some new tweaks, added image-tips for some tweaks, improved interface, fixed the "Log On Screen background" tweak. WinTuning 7 is tested successfully on Windows 7 build 7100/7600 (x64/x86).

08.08.09 - WinTuning 7 v0.06 released! Some functions added. Added image converter of the Log On Screen background fuction. Improved Context Menu Editor interface. Some fixes.

23.07.09 - WinTuning 7 v0.05 released! An 'Internet Optimizer' section was added.

20.07.09 - WinTuning 7 v0.04 released! Some errors are fixed. Fixed a launch of some Windows utilites in the x64-bits versions of Windows 7.

14.07.09 - WinTuning 7 v0.03 released! Now you may help us to improve the software by the new feature called Customer Involvement Program (CIP). If CIP is enabled, anonymous information about the use of WinTuning 7 is sent to the servers of the software. This information is necessary for the further improvement of software developming and arrangement of priorities for developers. Also the new ability to set up a password for the run of WinTuning 7 is available. Fixed some errors.

08.07.09 - WinTuning 7 v0.02 (it is beta now) released! The changing of background of the Logon screen was added. See detailed list of recent changes in "Version history".

04.07.09 - We are proud to present our new product: WinTuning 7 v0.01 alpha - optimizing and tweaking Windows 7.

We have developed the new WinTuning 7 which is based upon an existing and stability core of WinTuning Vister.

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